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Amada films is a film production company with office in Buenos Aires and Lisboa. The company produces content destined for the regional market of Latin America and is involved in co-productions for the Iberoamerican market. Amada films provides production services, in a global level for clients looking for an excellent result at a competitive cost.


Marcela Avalos has graduated The Cinema University in 1998. Her main professional training is in script writing and direction of actors. She has begun her career as a feature film productor and has later been working for big publicity companies. She has premiered more than 15 feature films and at the end of 2001 she funded her own productor company “Amada films”, where she develops content destined for the local and the regional market.


Paula Canoura has a professional training as a psychoanalyst, she conducts a construction enterprise destined to the design and development. As they say, the whole is more than the sum of the parts, during 2020 Paula was incorporated to Amada films, being a great asset for the development of projects.


Pedro Valente has a long trajectory in publicity. He was an Executive Producer for Pol-Ka Films [“Oscar” for El Hijo de la Novia] and he directed his own Publicity Company. Pedro is currently based in Portugal adding his experience to the project as International Producer for Amada Films Lisboa.





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Marcela Avalos


Paula Canoura

Desarrollo Comercial


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Pedro Valente

Productor internacional