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Amada films is a film production company with office in Buenos Aires and Lisboa. The company produces content destined for the regional market of Latin America and is involved in co-productions for the Iberoamerican market. 


Graduated from Argentina’s UCINE film school in 1998, the founding member Marcela Avalos, began gathering a vast professional experience in script writing and in directing actors for film and television for the first years of her career. In the year 2000 Marcela began to produce feature films and to work for Argentina’s largest publicity agencies. Shortly after, in 2001, she founded her own production company, “Amada films”, based in Buenos Aires and Lisbon, through which she has conceived more than 15 feature films that premiered in cinemas in Latin America, Spain and Portugal,

Marcela has recently begun to concentrate on developing more global co-productions, beyond the Spanish-speaking market.






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Marcela Avalos



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Pedro Valente

Productor internacional

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