Amada Films is a production company based in Buenos Aires and Lisbon. We produce feature films, tv series, commercials and video clips. We work regionally for the Latin American market, participate in coproductionsfor the Ibero-American market and provide production services globally to all in need of good results for competitive budgets.


Marcela Avalos graduated from the Buenos Aires Film University in 1998. From that moment on, her life happened on a filming set. She produced motion pictures, commercial ads, tv series and was, for many years, the Executive Producer for some of the most important national and international motion pictures in the industry. At the end of 2011 she opened her own production company and named it after her love for the profession, Amada Films.


Pedro Valente has a large trajectory in commercial production. Pedro’s career beganin the larger production companies in Argentina, where he quickly became executive producer for Pol-Ka films (Oscar for The Son of the Bride). He then moved on to running successful production houses of his own and after meeting a beautiful Portuguese woman, he decides to take the next step andoffers Marcela Avalos his vast expertise to become Amada Films’ International Producer, based from Lisbon.